We are the energy revolution. Light years from the market.

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6.3 Millions

leds installed until the end of 2015, and we continue counting...


  • Real Hospital Português

    Real Hospital Português - Pernambuco, Brazil Hospital complex, teaching and research The Real Hospital de Beneficência of Pernambuco updated the lighting
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  • + Work - reports in progress

    More accomplished installations Recent reports in progress More reports are currently underway to present the relevant works of the company.
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  • Municipal Sports Pavilion of Valongo

    Municipal Sports Pavilion - Valongo, Portugal Sports Association of Valongo - Hockey The Municipal sports pavilion of Valongo updated the lighting system
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  • Ovar Hospital

    Dr Francisco Zagalo Hospital - Aveiro, Portugal Ovar Ovar Hospital updated the lighting system in 2011 which translated in savings of
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  • Viana do Castelo Hospital

    Santa Luzia Hospital - Viana do Castelo, Portugal Alto Minho Local Healthcare Unit, EPE Viana do Castelo Hospital updated the lighting
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  • Arriva - Portugal

    ARRIVA Portugal Passenger and logistics transportation services ARRIVA Portugal updated the lighting system in 2012, saving now an amount of
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  • Valongo Hospital

    Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital - Valongo, Portugal Alto Minho Local Healthcare Centre, EPE Valongo Hospital (São João Healthcare Centre, EPE),
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  • Vantag - Art Galleries

    Art Gallery - Porto, Portugal Vantag Galeria Foto Editora - Rua Miguel Bombarda Vantag Art Galleries updated their lighting system in 2015.
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  • Vidago Historical Center

    Conde Caria Avenue - Vidago, Portugal Requalification of the public space The Municipality of Vidago updated part of the public lighting
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  • Testa & Cunhas

    Testa & Cunhas - Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal Fishing and aquaculture industry The Testa & Cunhas company updated the lighting system
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  • Prirev

    PRIREV - Vagos, Portugal Surface engineering The PRIREV company updated the lighting system in 2012. This change reflected a saving of
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  • J. Nadais

    J. Nadais - Albergaria-a-velha, Portugal Wood industry The J.Nadais company updated the lighting system in 2012. This change reflected a saving
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  • We inform you for due purposes that we tested the product with the reference YPSILON Y3 (TL-Y3P100-K57-A*-IP66) – 100 W Power, emitting a light flow of 14000 Lm, supplied in April 2015, in a continuous regime (24 hours / 5 days and 12 hours / 2 days) for 5200 hours at our Estamparia plant, with excellent performance in terms of light output and with no faults. During this period the system was submitted to cuts at the plant and constant movements of the roller bridge, which are conditions deemed problematic for the mechanics and performance of the electric circuits, but no faults occurred.

    Arthur F. G. dos Santos + Eduardo Fajardo | FORD motor company Automotive industry | Brazil
  • I´m sending this email to praise the workers who replaced our fluorescent lamps, for their professionalism, respect and politeness in this specific context that is Neonatology. Parents of Newborns also praised the two workers. It is with great pleasure that I make this compliment. I would appreciate if you could pass this message on to the company.

    Health professional | Neonatology Head Nurse Hospital | Portugal
  • Matilat industrial zone switches to LED bulbs. Measure will lead to saving of 167.27 MW/h per year. All the fluorescent tubular bulbs in the Matilat industrial zone were replaced with LED bulbs this month. Administrative Supervisor Jefferson Veroneze says the switch will lead to a 167.27 MW/h reduction per year. “We decided to replace the lighting system with more efficient 18W and 2000lm LED bulbs, taking advantage of the current 40W lights. The 250W reflectors were replaced with 67W LED lights. This change will lead to a reduction of up to 23.23 Kw in the lighting energy, which works out as 71.36% of the original amount,” stresses Jefferson. Energisa, the company that manages the electricity distribution in Catanduva, made the investment which will be repaid by Matilat over 96 months. “The sum of the instalments we have to pay is lower than the expected saving. At no cost for the company, the factory lighting has been renewed. It is now more efficient and more economical.” The difference at the plant is obvious says PCP analyst Marco Antônio da Cruz. “The lighting is now excellent. It improved 100% and on top of that it brings a saving to the company. For our line of work it brings big benefits given that we are involved in stock counting and stock control of finished products, packages, servers, return centre and also loading,” he said.

    Cleânia Barros | MATILAT Food industry | Brazil
  • I work in the surgical block and when I saw your work, I was delighted. I would like to ask if you replace fluorescent lamps by LED lamps in other hospitals, if so, I would like to know the price of those lamps and how much it would cost to make the replacement. I wish to send your proposal for our Directors to analyse.

    Health professional | Nursing Coordinator Hospital | Brazil
  • The usual and outdated lighting systems in art galleries – using spotlights - generate light imbalances and unwanted shadows; if too close to a wall or ceiling, these spotlights cause spots on the paint due to the intense and continued heat.   For homogeneous and correct lighting of works of art, LED is an excellent choice and Tellus Mater has a product of great quality and price (TLight Alfa).   Already in the previous premises in Rua D. Manuel we had taken this option and the positive experience led us to keep the same choice in the two galleries of Rua Miguel Bombarda, both in nr. 552, which has an exhibition and office area, and in the most recent space, nr. 578. In the latter, we choose lighting with two colour temperatures: a good white balance in the gallery area and a warmer tone in the meeting room and collection room.

    Administration | Vantag - Art Galleries Vantag - Art Galleries | Portugal
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